Funky Furnishings! Fab Finds!

Every once in a while here on the Object Mythology (OM) blog, I get to say something I never thought would come out of my mouth – or type something I never imagined would be typed by my fingertips – whichever. This is one of those moments: Ahem.

Today’s blog post is sponsored by horse legs, goat fur, rams’ heads, a little alpaca, and an owl in a pear tree. Fine, no tree. It just sounded good. Moving on.

Guaranteed not to gallop away while you’re eating.

Still with me? Alrighty. Today we’re taking a look at the Room Furnishings section of the OM shop, and there are some seriously funky, fabulous finds in there. First up: A Limited Edition table by Argentine artist Carlos Bissolino. The Horse Table is a handcrafted piece with these really fantastic, equestrian-inspired legs you just have to see to believe. The whole piece is a phenomenal work of art.

Next up: The Wild Wooly Bench. Covered in genuine goat fur, this mid-century-inspired bench is just so cool it goes pretty much wherever it wants. Hallway, foot of the bed, hip living room: this one can fit in just about anywhere. The same goes for this super cool pair of vintage ram’s head bookends. Solid brass, this amazing pair is perfect on an office bookshelf holding up your Vonnegut collection, but just as much at home on your coffee table amid the style mags.

Like napping with an alpaca, only quieter.

Of course, the bookends also look cool with the other brass item in today’s pickings: Mr. Owl. If you’ve been following the OM blog, you know I absolutely love this little guy, and if I worked in the order department, I’d probably lie and tell everyone he’s already been sold because I really want him for my office.

Last, but most certainly not least today, we have the Suri Alpaca Fur Pillow. The one on the site is gorgeous in this fantastic caramel, but you can call the OM team and request other colors and sizes because we’re flexible like that.

Have a question? Email us, post to Facebook, or send us a letter if you can find a store that still sells stamps.




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