Oprah’s O Magazine Features Beth Osborne from The Alpaca Hacienda

For those of you who are interested in raising alpacas, you must check out this month’s O Magazine featuring Beth Osborne of The Alpaca Hacienda.

Her story about why she left teaching to raise fun-loving alpacas and start a business selling hand-spun yarn is inspiring to those who are looking for a better lifestyle or an alternative to their current work situation.

We are lucky enough to know many alpaca farm owners who have searched for an alternative lifestyle since we started the Object Mythology baby alpaca fashion and home accessories line four years ago.  Many alpaca farms carry our products in their farm stores as a way to supplement their current product offerings and we are honored to be place on shelves alongside many of the amazing luxurious, super soft, unique items made from fibers of the animals from their own farms.

Be sure to check out our Object Mythology Baby Alpaca Products at an alpaca farm near you!



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