Ethical Fashion – Design with a Conscience


Ethical fashion is quickly becoming a mainstay in today’s world.  Consumers are constantly looking for products that have positive social responsibility by maximizing benefits to people and their communities while minimizing negative impact on the environment. As a designer, I am always looking for new ways to create a positive impact through Object Mythology’s baby […]

Vintage Seltzer Bottles: An Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Way To Decorate

Back in the old days, seltzer bottles were the eco-friendly, sustainable way to drink seltzer, without clogging the environment with plastic.  Refilled and re-used everyday, these one of a kind, vintage Argentine “sifones” or seltzer bottles are the perfect way to decorate your room with flowers, spruce up your bar or add character to a […]

Temperature Drop: Fingerless Mittens for Those On The Go

The blizzard has hit here in New York and we’re trying to dig out.  2011 is upon us and you just can’t keep your those hands warm while tweeting, texting, typing or working and looking stylish at the same time. The solution: Fingerless Mittens. You ask: What are they? We answer: A cross between a […]

Welcome and Happy Holidays!

At Object Mythology, we’re finishing up 2010 with a bang!  To celebrate, we’re launching our journal – it’s a special section dedication to all things Object Mythology including stories behind the artisans who make our products, inspiration, news and events. Three years ago, while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina I became inspired to start a […]