Celebrate July 4th with a FEED Bag and Give Back to Your Country

Celebrate this Independence Day in style with a FEED USA Bag and give back to your country.  There are three styles to choose from and with each purchase you can designate which school in the U.S.A. that you want your $5 of nutritional funding to go towards using a redeemable code. For instance, if you […]

Obsession: FEED Projects’ FEED 1 Bag and FEED 10 Pouch

For those of you who know me, I typically find one thing or brand that I like and I become OBSESSED! I am completely in love with FEED Projects!  My FEED 1 Bag and FEED 10 Pouch from FEED Projects  has arrived and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The FEED 1 Bag is super useful for […]

Love FEED Project – Their Bags are a Must Have!


I am totally in love with FEED project and their bags are a must have this summer!  I met up with the fabulous Taisa Veras of AMAHZING and she showed me the super cool FEED 3 Guatamala Bag and FEED 1 Guatamala Pouch she was sportin’ on our night out.  I checked out FEED Project […]

My Photo Journal Featuring Object Mythology’s Artisan Knitters

Group Photo of Women Who Make Object Mythology

Group photo of the women who make Object Mythology’s baby alpaca gloves Last summer, I took a trip to Peru to work with the artisans who knit the wonderful pieces for my baby alpaca fashion and home accessories line.  The collective of women that makes my gloves were nice enough to let me  …

Karen Chien Guest Blogs about WeWOOD Watches at Amahzing Blog

Be sure to check out Karen Chien’s super great find from WWD MAGIC featuring WeWOOD Watches  and yes, they are made from wood! WWD MAGIC: WOODEN WATCHES FROM WEWOOD; Amahzing Blog March, 2011.  

Karen Chien Guest Blogs at Amahzing about Holy Stitch Denim Project at WWD MAGIC

Read Karen Chien’s interview about Holy Stitch and their denim craftsmanship at WWD MAGIC!  Truly inspiring! WWD MAGIC: ‘HOLY STITCH,’ EDUCATES ABOUT DENIM CRAFTSMANSHIP AT PROJECT; Amahzing Blog, March 2011

Hate Cold Sheets at Night? Take a Hot Water Bottle to Bed!

With the latest flux of too many chilly nights in a row, I am totally addicted to my hot water bottle! Nothing beats having warm sheets as you slip into bed to keep you toasty and warm at night. Eco-friendly and energy efficient they are easy to use. Simply unscrew the plastic cap, fill …

A Rundown on Alpaca Fiber and its Sustainability Factor

I often get asked “What is Alpaca?” For those of you who don’t know here’s a quick run down: Alpacas are a domesticated species of South American camelid that resemble small llamas. They produce one of the world’s most luxurious fibers that is softer than cashmere and lighter, warmer, and more durable than wool.  (Statistically, […]

Fashion + Wood = Sustainable Eco Chic!

Spring/Summer is on its way and I’m excited to be see Sustaininable Eco Chic becoming more visible in fashion.  At WWD MAGIC wood was a big theme in fashion accessories. PROOF – Three brothers from Boise, Idaho came together to create this super cool, eco-friendly sustainable eyewear line made from wood. Available in four styles […]

Ethical Fashion – Design with a Conscience


Ethical fashion is quickly becoming a mainstay in today’s world.  Consumers are constantly looking for products that have positive social responsibility by maximizing benefits to people and their communities while minimizing negative impact on the environment. As a designer, I am always looking for new ways to create a positive impact through Object Mythology’s baby […]