Footloose and Finger Free!

I ♥ the I-Heart Fingerless Gloves.

I admit I’m in love with my iPhone. It’s a problem, I realize. I also realize I’m not alone. So here’s my tip of the day for you over-texting, constantly downloading, on-the-go emailers: you don’t have to choose between frostbite and quickly answering your clients while you hail a cab anymore. Technology has hooked up with our pal, Fashion, to create mittens and gloves specifically designed to free your fingertips for touch-screen tapping while keeping the rest of your hands toasty warm. And, since they’re Object Mythology gloves, you got it, they come in super comfy alpaca fiber.

The cutest offering in this group of techno-fashion: the I-Heart Fingerless Gloves. Available in red and white with a contrasting color heart across the back of the hand, these hand-knit baby alpaca fiber gloves will keep your wrists and palms warm while letting you get down to business (or Facebooking) no matter where you are. Our pals over at ecofabulous love these gloves because baby alpaca fiber is highly sustainable, the fabric dyes are earth-friendly, and they’re a socially responsible purchase that supports Peruvian artisans.

*Not guaranteed to make you as funny as Gilda Radner.

Personally, I really dig the Gilda Fingerless Gloves because they have a little flap that can be buttoned back toward the wrist or forward over the fingers like a mitten. Plus, Gilda Radner was probably the best female comedian ever on Saturday Night Live, and the name reminds me of her. What’s not to like? I mean, aside from it being cold enough to wear these, which I really don’t care for. Brrr.

Alright, so I saved the most stylish (to my mind) for last. The Stella Fingerless Gloves are double cute (ecofabulous flipped for these, too!) with this whole cable knit look going on. Match them up with your favorite sweater, and feel good doing it because these are absolutely a hand-knit, 100% baby alpaca, sustainable, and socially conscious buy. So you look great, you’re able to work on the go, and you’re doing some good in the world. Plus, you can play Angry Birds on the train platform. Win-win!




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