Object Mythology and You: Promoting Sustainability and Looking Good Doing It

It really wasn’t all that long ago that it seemed like we had to choose between fashion and social responsibility, looking great and feeling good about our consumer choices. There was a disconnect in our culture between being a truly conscious consumer and appreciating the finer things. When it changed, I really couldn’t tell you. It’s not like there was a sudden shift. It’s just that, over the last decade, it seems we’ve finally found some sense of balance in these things. We can shop and buy and enjoy consumerism without being socially irresponsible or expanding our individual carbon footprints. Today, we can actually do more good than harm with our purchases, and we can look good doing it. That’s progress.


My absolute fave. Gorgeous.

 This is what I love about Object Mythology. I can buy a scarf anywhere. I can buy throw blankets and even bottle warmers elsewhere. What makes OM different isn’t just that, and I could be biased here a bit, OM’s scarves and blankets and bottle warmers are just so much more gorgeous than any others out there. What makes Object Mythology stand out is the social responsibility and sustainability aspects of what we do. OM makes shopping make a difference. How many companies can say that?

All Object Mythology’s hand-knit baby alpaca items, from (my current fave!) the ultra-luxurious Infinity Scarves to those snuggle-up-with-a-great-book Baby Alpaca Throw Blankets, are hand knit by Peruvian artisans in the Andes. OM purchases enable otherwise impoverished women to work at their craft, continue passing their remarkable skills down to their daughters just as generations of women have done before them, and sustain their culture. Plus, alpaca is a highly sustainable resource, gathered through cruelty-free practices, so there is no harm to these gentle animals and no reduction in a limited resource in our product creation. Even our vintage décor items promote social responsibility in that they’re truly vintage, not reproductions that utilize new materials and squander finite resources. Items such as our Vintage Seltzer Bottles are exactly that: they are functional bottles we find in Peruvian marketplaces that we now repurpose for décor.

I love to shop. And I love to buy. No matter what the economy, I fully admit to enjoying my retail therapy. At least with Object Mythology, that therapy, those purchases, these items … it all does some good in the world. What better therapy could there be?

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