Socially Responsible Gifting for Mother’s Day and Every Day!

Still my absolute fave. Gorgeous.

Can you believe it’s only ONE month until Mother’s Day? If the wonderful women in your life are anything like those who influenced my upbringing (and shouldn’t we honor ALL of them on Mother’s Day? Moms, aunts, that old lady who taught you to crochet?), knowing you only have a month to shop for a perfect gift means it’s time to get a move on!

Personally, I like using Pinterest for this. I shop online a lot (yes, especially right here at Object Mythology), and while I do, I pin the things I like to my “Gifting” Pinterest board along with the links. This works for me because most of the people I shop for aren’t on Pinterest, but if they were, I’d probably have to stop doing that and just use my WeHeartIt account and not tell anyone I’m there. Wait. Forget I said that.

Toasty warm and snuggly to boot!

I don’t know about you, but I find Mother’s Day to be a particularly tough shopping holiday. Moms always say, “Save your money!” but they all want a thoughtful gift. And since I’m over 12 and not a professional artist by any standards, making a gift is straight up out of the question.

For Mother’s Day, I like to infuse my gifts with some of the lessons my mom and the other strong women in my life have taught me: do unto others as you would have them do unto you, be frugal, enjoy life, be generous of spirit, respect art, support women’s rights and empower them, honor the earth. So it seems only fitting that I try to incorporate some upcycling, social responsibility, and found objects in my Mother’s Day gifting, and that’s fairly fortuitous, because I happen to know of a company that sells a lot of cool stuff that fits the bill. And so do you.

Personally, I think giving your mom a Baby Alpaca Infinity Scarf is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift. The infinity symbol is tremendously meaningful, and these uniquely hand-crafted yet luxurious scarves are hand-knit by Peruvian women in the Andes who’ve passed the secrets of their hand knitting down from woman to woman through the generations as part of their culture and heritage. If your mom is like mine and always has freezing cold feet, think about the I-Heart Hot Water Bottles. They’re perfect for warming up chilly hands and feet and wrapped in fabulously hand-knit baby alpaca covers.


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