Temperature Drop: Fingerless Mittens for Those On The Go

The blizzard has hit here in New York and we’re trying to dig out.  2011 is upon us and you just can’t keep your those hands warm while tweeting, texting, typing or working and looking stylish at the same time.

The solution: Fingerless Mittens.

You ask: What are they?

We answer: A cross between a fingerless glove and mitten.

But why?? Well how on earth do you keep those fingers warm while doing all the things we love on that Blackberry, iPhone or iPad.

Need to tweet? Just pull the nifty little hood back, button it back and voila – type away!

Need to keep your fingertips warm? No problem –  pull the  hood over those precious little digits and heat ’em up!

Object Mythology’s Valeria baby alpaca elbow length fingerless mittens and Gilda regular length fingerless mittens brings together style and practicality all-in-one.


  1. I live in CA and own a pair of Glida fingerless gloves. I went for a scenic walk with 2 toddlers and the gloves kept my hands warm while taking pictures of them. It was no fuss to put the little hood back when I needed access to my fingers. My friend was so jealous. She actually owns a pair too but forgot to bring hers.

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