Vintage is The New Retro: Chic Jewelry For That Unique Finishing Touch

For a while now, we’ve seen the retro trends come and go in both fashion and home décor. We’ve seen nearly every major furniture manufacturer pushing some sort of retro design, whether it’s a laminate and vinyl kitchen table and chairs or a 60s-inspired, low-backed living room sofa. Personally, I have some really fond memories of most likely destroying my grandmother’s avocado green, vinyl kitchen chairs by swiveling them back and forth and hitting the edge of the table each time. In this case, the fondness is reserved for the swiveling, not the green, so I won’t be picking up any retro-inspired remakes any time soon (or ever), but that’s not just because I think avocado green should be reserved for the produce aisle. It’s because this year, “vintage” is the new “retro.”

I need this.

Now, in fairness, even if I could find a 1970s green vinyl swivel chair, vintage or retro, I wouldn’t buy it. What I would buy are the double cute, really and completely too cool, 100% vintage jewelry finds Karen has recently listed here on the OM site. In particular, I’m completely and a little obsessively infatuated with this Vintage Art Deco Pink Strand Necklace. This French flea market find just looks like something I’d find digging through my grandmother’s jewelry collection, and she was a seriously stylish dish in her day. Plus, it’s a one-of-a-kind item, and every woman deserves to own at least one piece of jewelry that no one has but her.

I love the ring that goes with this. Globe rings are too fab.

For those of you who can wear orange, first, I’m jealous. And second, check out this Vintage French Black Cat Bracelet And Ring Set. I absolutely guarantee it won’t cause you bad luck unless you wear it while walking under a ladder while also carrying an open umbrella indoors. Actually, if you ask me, there’s something very lucky about this set because I can’t believe this two-piece set is still together after all these years. For whoever snaps this one up, that’s some seriously good luck.

What’s catching your eye around the site this week? Which objects do you want to know more about?

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