WeWood Watches: Unique Gifts For Conscious Consumers

I refuse to give up on watches just because I have an iPhone.

Well, we have about a month to go before graduation season starts. You know how this goes. One day, you’re just minding your business, re-reading all of my Object Mythology blog posts for fun, and the next thing you know, your robot maid drops off the mail on your coffee table. Fine, that’s far-fetched. Maybe you don’t re-read all of my posts, but I do. Anyway, the mail arrives, and in it you receive no fewer than four graduation announcements: your nephew is finishing high school, your boss’s youngest is graduating college, your hairdresser’s neighbor’s ex-husband’s kid is getting his law degree, you get the picture. Whoever these grads are, they’re people you care about enough (or feel socially pressured enough) to buy nice gifts for.

I know they’re cool because I checked with my stepson, and he’s 22, so we’re in the clear.

But today’s grads don’t seem to want Mont Blanc pens and leather briefcases. This is a generation raised on the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra for whom the concept of cars as status symbols is a repulsive notion. In short, today’s young adults are conscious consumers. So, unless you want to “go green” as in “give cash,” gift giving is a little more complicated than it used to be.

Unless (you knew this was coming, come on), that is, you shop at Object Mythology (OM). Here’s my top pick for that millennial who’s graduation is giving you such agita: The WeWood Watch Collection. Not only are the WeWood Watches adult and stylish enough for the workplace, they are statement pieces because these watches are actually made out of wood. Hypoallergenic and free from chemicals, these wooden works of wearable art are 100% wood, and a new tree is planted for each watch sold.


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