Flea Market Finds For Fabulous Furnishings

I have this fantastic girlfriend I sort of hate. Ok, “hate” is too strong a word. Maybe it’s more like, “I love you, but you’re so darn crafty I can’t help wanting to emulate you but I never quite come anywhere close to succeeding.” Sort of how my mom feels about Martha Stewart but without all the merchandising.

I love these for those little niches and alcoves that just need a pop of color.

Anyway, my girlfriend, Emily, is one of those people who goes to flea markets, brings home the oddest things, takes them out to her garage, does something to them (possibly magic; it’s the only explanation I have), and then posts pictures of these suddenly beautiful, repurposed items on her blog and Pinterest, complete with instructional videos and shopping links. I am envious.

I go to flea markets and find people selling old couches that most likely have actual fleas, so I just cannot, for the life of me, figure out how Emily does this. And she’s not alone. These days, from fashion to home décor, we’re seeing a lot more vintage and a lot less retro. People are into upcycling and repurposing “found objects” with great stories instead of buying new things that are either stylistically inspired by old designs or artificially aged to look vintage.

Who else finds things like this? Only Karen. And maybe Emily. But she doesn't have a store.

If you’re like Emily and can find the most phenomenal diamonds in the rough at flea markets, more power to you. If you’re like me, and you want to go with fashionable flea market finds for your own fabulous “found” furnishings but never find anything at flea markets but fleas, you’re really in the right place because Karen is the Flea Market Queen. Now, it doesn’t hurt that Object Mythology’s shopping maven gets to shop flea markets and bazaars all over the world, either. Karen’s finds are truly incredible, and there’s always something new.

This week, I’m really digging OM’s vintage seltzer bottles, because I still haven’t stopped thinking of cool places to put them. Plus, I love the new La Feria listings for Querandi Glass Ashtrays Karen et al brought home from the Plaza Dorrego flea market in Buenos Aires. I don’t smoke, but I think they’d make cool art objects on the coffee table, and I just love how each one has a story.



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