Hate Cold Sheets at Night? Take a Hot Water Bottle to Bed!

With the latest flux of too many chilly nights in a row, I am totally addicted to my hot water bottle! Nothing beats having warm sheets as you slip into bed to keep you toasty and warm at night.

Eco-friendly and energy efficient they are easy to use. Simply unscrew the plastic cap, fill the bottle up with hot water, seal it up and slip it into your sheets.

The bottle is made from rubber, which may not be so nice to sleep next to, so try Object Mythology’s super luxurious, soft to the touch baby alpaca hot water bottle cover can soften it up. Alpaca has a hollow core so its lightweight and traps in heat keeping your bottle warmer for even longer.

Available in two sizes – Small which can go in your pockets or Large so you can slip it in bed!

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