Snuggle Up With An Alpaca-Wrapped I-Heart Hot Water Bottle This Winter!

I ♥ the I-Heart Hot Water Bottle Warmer. You will too!

February is still cold and flu season, and there’s nothing I like less than the chills a fever brings. For those too-hot-with-the-blanket, too-cold-without-it nights of battling it out with the germs, a hot water bottle is just what the doctor ordered. Or at least it’s just what my grandma ordered, and the world might be a little nicer of a place if we all listened to our grandmas a bit more.

Of course, I can’t cozy up with some hospital’s idea of a hot water bottle. When I’m sick, I need a little pampering, and the I-Heart Hot Water Bottle Warmer does the trick. These Fashy® hot water bottles are dressed up for snuggling in what look like little sweaters. They’re double cute and just as functional, which is why they were recently featured on!

Fashy® makes their hot water bottles out of specialized thermoplastic designed to retain heat for extended periods. Plus, their odorless, safe plastics are completely recyclable, which is good to know if you ever actually consider letting it go. We wrap these hot water holsters in heart-patterned baby alpaca fiber covers that are hand-knit in Peru. They’re not all made by grandmas, but I know mine would really like one of these for Valentine’s Day.

You want to make a new mom really happy this holiday? Give her the gift of a decent night’s sleep by soothing her colicky baby with a Fashy® hot water bottle in one of our I-Heart Hot Water Bottle Warmers. They’re also great for moms’ sore backs (and fronts), making this the gift that keeps on giving. Listen up, new dads. Skip the flowers and help her sleep. She’ll love you forever.

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