Top 10 Uses for Hot Water Bottles

Object Mythology's Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are making a comeback.  Eco-conscious, practical and cost saving they are the answer to many of life’s problems.

Here are our top ten uses for hot water bottles:

1.  Bed Warmer:  I always fill up my hot water bottle up and put it in my sheets 10 minute before I go to bed so its warm and cozy.

2.  Water Your Plants:  After you’re done, don’t just empty the water into the sink – use it to water your lawn or plants.

3.  Reduce Energy Consumption:  By using a how water bottle at night, your body stays warm in bed so you are using less heat and energy.

4.  Cure Minor Ailments:  A hot water bottle is great for minor ailments like sore muscles, back pain, cramps and more.

5.  Cold Therapy:  If you fill up your hot water bottle 1/2 way and then put it in the freezer you have a great ice pack.  Perfect for bumps and bruises!

6.  Aches:  Hot water bottles are a great remedy for earaches and toothaches.

7.  Camping:  Looking for a quick, easy way to heat up your sleeping bag when you’re out camping.  Hot water bottles don’t require a lot of water.  You can heat up your hot water on the fire as you cook dinner!

8.  Sleeplessness:  For the sleep deprived, hot water bottles are great way to help you relax so you can get a good night’s sleep!

9.  Home Decor:  Our I-Heart hot water bottle covers makes the perfect addition to any home decor.  Made from baby alpaca, they are soft to the touch.  Leave it filled up in the morning and prop against your pillow to add that fun decorative touch to your bed.

10.  Pocket Warmer:  Fill up a small size hot water bottle right before you leave home and keep them in your pockets so your perky little digits stay warm.

Our hot water bottles are perfect for hot and cold use.  Made by our artisan knitters in the Peruvian Andes using luxury baby alpaca fibers, they are the perfect gift for a friend, mom or dad for the entire year!

Available in two sizes (small and large), each bottle cover comes with a FASHY hot water bottle at Object Mythology.



  1. You’re absolutely right about the virtues of the greatly undervalued hot water bottle. And, they need beautiful covers. Your alpaca ones are great.

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