Upcycled Elegance: From Buenos Aires Flea Markets to Your Powder Room

Well, it’s April. APRIL 2012. Already. I’m still dating my checks 1999 and signing them with my maiden name, but I’m slow to accept change. Sue me. Anyway, April means a few things: Taxes, Earth Day, Easter, Passover, Administrative Professionals Day, and, perhaps most importantly, my birthday. What do these things have in common? They’re all good reasons to go shopping! And of course, where better to shop for retail therapy after paying your taxes (or better yet, after getting a refund!) than at Object Mythology where we have all the most awesome Earth-friendly gifts so all of your giving honors our Mother Earth not just on Earth Day, but every day.

Love these upcycled, vintage bottles for earth-friendly gifts.

Gifting “found objects” such as the incredible Buenos Aires flea market finds the OM team brings home from their expeditions (On which they never take me, but maybe if you email Karen she will!) is a great way to “go green” and score a gold star with your gift recipients in one fell swoop. Instead of utilizing new materials and taxing finite resources, why not upcycle something unique and awesome with a great history as your gift? Plus, when you order a one-of-a-kind object from a Peruvian flea market, such as one of our Vintage Seltzer Bottles (perfect finishing touch for any powder room!), there’s no chance whatsoever that the heavy breather in the next cubicle will upstage you when it comes to showing the love to that Glorious Office Guardian of The Petty Cash and Assigner of Good Flight Times, your invaluable Administrative Assistant. And that, my friends, is important stuff.

How do you upcycle and preserve the earth in your gifting and wrapping? Do you wrap in cloth? Reuse boxes? Or just ask people to “pick a hand” and forgo the wrapping altogether? (Yeah, I can’t do that, either.) Until next time…

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