Pay Attention to Alpaca United!

Having just finished participating in The AOBA (Alpaca Owners and Breeder’s Association) National Show in Denver, I am excited to announce that Object Mythology has joined Alpaca United – an LC3 company formed by North American Alpaca farmers and processors to create an increase awareness and demand for their fiber in competitive world markets.

I started working with Alpaca fiber by accident.  Back in 2007, I was in Peru and felt the need to help small groups of single mothers who had possessed skills such as weaving and knitting but had no means to sell their product beyond their local markets.  I stumbled upon Alpaca after paying a visit to a yarn manufacturer and had the opportunity to see different yarns made from fibers such as Alpaca, Silk, Cashmere, Wool and Mohair.  I immediately fell in love with Alpaca because of the luxurious feel and versatility.  (Alpaca is seven times warmer than wool, light weight, quick to dry and flame retardant).

When it came time to market my products here in the United States, I realized that not many buyers knew about Alpaca fiber so I started offering our products to Alpaca farm stores so they could stock their farm store shelves with good quality, well made alpaca products.   Our products are all about luxury and practicality – with social impact and social awareness in mind.  Farms love to carry our products because they demonstrate that Alpacas are not only cute and fun, but they do produce a fiber that is unlike any other.

I first met Nick Hahn, CEO of Alpaca United back in April and was excited to learn that he has been brought on board to take US Alpaca fiber to the next level.  He has a proven track record with Cotton by creating marketing and branding strategies to distinguish itself from other competitive fibers and building partnerships which ultimately led to the Cotton logo and tagline reaching every consumer in America.

For US Alpaca Farms this is a dream come true.  Alpaca United’s participation at ITMA 2011 in Barcelona, Spain means that Alpaca as a fiber is going to be introduced to the world alongside Cashmere, Cotton, Wool, Mohair and Silk which will ultimately lead to a consumer and commercial recognition and appreciation for the fiber and its luxury and versatility.  This is the first step towards creating awareness and demand for the fiber which will ultimately increase its value.

To my fellow Alpaca Farms who I have become friends with over the past four years and to those I have yet to meet, I strongly urge you to join Alpaca United to become part of an exciting new textile company whose mission is to take the fiber from your animals that you love and adore and create the international demand and appreciation it deserves.

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to feel and touch Alpaca, I urge you to visit your local Alpaca Farm (check out our Where to Find page) or email me and I will be happy to connect and meet with you to show you the fiber that keeps me passionate to create luxurious, beautiful, well designed  Alpaca products.

Be sure to check out Alpaca United‘s Website for more information about the company, its mission and their participation at ITMA 2011.


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