Ethical Fashion – Design with a Conscience

weaverEthical fashion is quickly becoming a mainstay in today’s world.  Consumers are constantly looking for products that have positive social responsibility by maximizing benefits to people and their communities while minimizing negative impact on the environment.

As a designer, I am always looking for new ways to create a positive impact through Object Mythology’s baby alpaca fashion accessories and home accessories lines.

Positive Social Impact

We work to benefit the artisans and the communities they live in by creating work opportunities for them that help them provide for their families.  Before learning how to hand knit and hand weave, many of our artisans were working in brick factories where they would often become sick from the dust and harsh pollutants in the air.

Now, they are able to work in their own homes on their own schedules so that they can work while still caring for their children and families.

Positive Environmental Impact

Use of natural fibers such as baby alpaca and silk, which are easily bio-degradeable as opposed to synthetics, along with low-impact dyes allow us to have the least amount of negative impact on the environment.  We are constantly striving to make our production process less harsh on the environment.

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