Style Objectified: Alexis Wolfer of The Beauty Bean

This week in Style Objectified we are featuring Alexis Wolfer, founder and editor-in-chief of, a glamorous online women’s magazine that offers its readers an insider’s look at the latest products, research, and trends in beauty, fitness, and wellness to help the modern woman lead a healthier and more beautiful life.  She is also a Real Beauty activist, working to promote self-confidence and prevent eating disorders in women and girls, and an on-air beauty and lifestyle expert.  Alexis and The Beauty Bean have been seen on the Today Show, E!, Forbes, CNN and more!   Be sure to follow Alexis on Twitter: @AlexisWolfer.

1.    Who is your personal style inspiration?
I’m inspired way too often – and by a far too many sources – to answer this!

2.    Who is your favorite designer?
Helmut Lang and Stella McCartney are a close tie. Although Oliver Theyskens is a close third.

3.    What is your style philosophy?
Invest in fashion, not trends. And always be true to who you are. Oh, and remember that glitter nail polish pretty much fixes anything.

4.    What trend are you excited about, what trend would you like to come back and what trend do you wish would go away?
I’m excited about the hair crimper making a comeback (it was actually used by the sylists at Arrojo Salon to create the updo in my picture!), would love to see ripped jeans have their day again (although I’ve always been loyal!) and I wish feathers would disappear for good!

5.    What was your biggest fashion faux pas?
 I have quite a few from my “finding myself” days, but most recently I wore a white Chloe dress on a date and it started pouring… needless to say, I was pretty much naked by the time I walked home (and 9th Ave got a show like they haven’t seen since before Giuliani took office).

6.    Who/what YOU are wearing today?
I’m wearing a black Alexander Wang maxi dress (that you can’t really see), a K-Mart denim vest (that I begged to keep after using it to style a TV segment – even though it was only $19 and I would have most certainly bought it anyway!), 4 layered gold necklaces (one was my grandmothers, one was my mom’s, one my parents gave my on the 1-year anniversary of and one I got for my 22nd birthday!), and gold and diamond earrings I (pretty much permanently) borrowed from my mom. We’ll call this a day I’m grateful I don’t have sisters to vie for the hand-me-downs!

7.    Who would win in a Style Off between Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez?
Taylor Swift. Hands down. (Although I have to say I’d give the award to Lady Gaga – I love a woman who takes risks, is true to herself and always makes a statement.)

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