Style Objectified: Jené Luciani

This week in Style objectified we have Jené Luciani.  Jené is a fashion journalist, stylist and regular correspondent and contributor to a number of national media outlets, including NBC’s TODAY, SHAPE Magazine and Martha Stewart Living Radio. She is the author of The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra  (BenBella Books, 2009). When she’s not writing, she’s playing dress up with her 2 year old daughter. You can find her online at , on Facebook by searching “The Bra Book” or on Twitter @JeneLuciani.

1.    Who is your personal style inspiration?

I get inspired by so many different people, places, things. Sometimes I get inspired by someone on the street, a look that I see in a magazine or even an item, like an antique piece of furniture or an amazing vintage dress. I have a wandering eye when it comes to fashion and I can’t commit to just one thing. Mostly, I get inspired by the real women I work with when I’m styling a TV segment or doing a personal appearance where I’m giving style advice and/or bra fittings.

2.    Who is your favorite designer?  

While I appreciate the brilliance and creativity of the couture and high end designers, my favorites are those that make their designs accessible to the masses. I’m a huge fan of Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Trina Turk, Calvin Klein.

3.    What is your style philosophy?

My style philosophy is do what works for you! Whether it’s bras or clothes, it’s a personal choice. Accept the body you’ve been blessed with, accept the budget you’ve been blessed with, and make it work – for you. In the end, you’re the one that’s got to feel good about it.

4.    What trend are you excited about, what trend would you like to come back and what trend do you wish would go away?

I’m very excited that season after season, leggings are sticking around. They are a GREAT choice for a busy working mom like me. Throw them on with a cool tee, a blazer and flats and it’s a put together look that’s still comfy too. It’s also a great way that you can mix classic items you already have in your closet, with something that’s a little trendier.

The trend I wish would go away is towering heels. 4-5” for most women is fine – actually borderline not being able to walk in them. I am sick of buying so-called “dinner shoes.” I want shoes that actually FIT my lifestyle, but still look sexy too. It’s no secret heels make your legs look sexier but do you really need them to be 8” tall? It’s getting a little ridiculous, to be honest.

I’m a little concerned over the state of sequins (which even I’M getting sick of) and those ubiquitous faux fur vests. I have a feeling those won’t be sticking around much longer.

My advice is to invest in classic items and then try out the trends via accessories and hairstyles. Like, right now a side braid is a huge trend so you can rock that with a classic look and it instantly looks trendy.

5.    What was your biggest fashion faux pas?

Some (like STAR and COSMO Magazines) have said it was when I wore a dress out of 200 bras designed by Chris March and team for my Bra Book launch party, filmed for his Bravo show MAD FASHION (airing 11/29 at 10 PM EST). I personally LOVED the look – it was the first of its kind and I thought I looked pretty darn cute in it too! Fashion’s all about individuality – who wants to blend in and wear what everyone else is wearing? But, sometimes, not every trend is meant for every person and I think my biggest faux pas was a black satin jumpsuit I wore to an event. I felt pretty good in it at the time but looking back on it, it looked kinda ridiculous. I’m 5’9” and even taller with heels so I looked a little bit like Gumby, without the green.

6.    What are you wearing today?

This photo is of me in the infamous Chris March designed “bra dress” for the episode of Mad Fashion that’s airing 11/29.

7.    Who would win in a Style Off between Rihanna & Beyonce?

That’s a tough one but I’d have to go with Beyonce because I think she dresses for her body better and tends to choose more classic silhouettes. Rihanna jumps on the trend-train, whether it’s suited to her or not.

Photo Credit: Lynda Renee Photography.

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