Style Objectified: Jess Zaino

This week in Style Obectified we have Jess Zaino.  As one of 18 most influential style bloggers as part of the Glamour Magazine Blogger Network, Jess is a regular on TV Guide Network’s Fashion Team and Biography Network’s Fashion Groundbreakers. Jess is the host of Cheap Chic Shopping Tours in New York City and writes a column for The Epoch Times of the same name. She created and hosts The Glam List, an irreverent style webseries from a fashion insider with an outside point of view.

1.       Who is your personal style inspiration?
If Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich and Patricia Field had a baby, and that baby was an outfit… I’d be in it. If i’m on the stairmaster at the gym and reading an US Weekly, I love anything that Jessica Alba wears. And of course, the Hollywood Glam of Ms. Rachel Zoe is everything.

2.       Who is your favorite designer?
Chanel on the high end. Dana-maxx is a new fave on the down low.

3.       What is your style philosophy?
Cheap chic – buy it cheap and make it chic!

4.       What trend are you excited about, what trend would you like to come back and what trend do you wish would go away?
I’m excited about the 1940’s inspired structured trend. Thanks Christina Hendricks! And the rockabilly car culture inspiration that’s making its way to us in s/s 2012. In preparation, I just bought a pair of black cat eye sunglasses. I’m bringing back my rock n’ roll studded cuff from St. Mark’s to pair with luxury. And if jeggings don’t go out of style, we are in for a tragic end. Ladies — buy a chic pair of black or print leggings or a great pair of skinny denim. Jeggings are more tacky than gym clothes.

 5.       What was your biggest fashion faux pas?
I tend to leave the house in gym clothes to run neighborhood errands. It’s time to grow up and put effort into my everyday outfits.

6.        Tell us a little bit about who YOU are wearing today…

To follow my response to question #5, I’m in my gym clothes, so attached is a photo from a recent Pamela Pekerman event. A lot of people responded to the color, print and fit of my dress and most asked where I got it. She’s in TJ Maxx and I’m in a $12.99 dress from Conway, paired with Hanes Hosiery, Jessica Simpson boots & fun accessories. Buying it cheap and making it chic.

7.       Who would win in a Style Off between all three Kardashians & why?  Who would you say would be runner up?
It’s a toughie between Kourtney who is a true fashion avant gardist and Kim, who rocks fab, fitted looks always. To that end, I’d have to personally say Kourt. I love her menswear inspired business chic. She takes chances and takes care of business. They’ve been living close by at the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC so I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them in their non-event, everyday outfits, which believe it or not, are gym clothes!!? I maybe on to a trend here… !

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