Style Objectified: Zandile Blay

This week in Style Objectified, we’re featuring Zandile Blay – Editor of the Blay Report (, Africa Style Daily and fashion editor of Essence Magazine Online.  Zandile is one sassy lady with great fashion sense, style and charisma.

1.       Who is your personal style inspiration?

My little sister, Zeba Blay – and any one who can craft outfits with a whole lot of style without access to a whole lot of money.

2.       Who is your favorite designer?

I can never name just one. But I do always respect and admire that rare designer who brings genuine talent, a fresh perspective and business savvy to the table. These ingredients combine to create clothes (and brands) that change not only awoman’s mood, body and self esteem – but the entire industry itself.

3.       What is your style philosophy?

Know thy self in order to know they style.  In other words, introspection before dress selection.

4.       What trend are you excited about, what trend would you like to come back and what trend do you wish would go away?

Does every woman in the world loving themselves completely and knowing exactly how gorgeous they are count as a trend? If so, let that one come back and let the opposite go away!

5.       What was your biggest fashion faux pas?

Lycra and Spandex and I make it on a daily basis.

6.       What are you wearing right now?

From flowey dresses to skin tight pants, my clothes may change but one thing stays the same: my accessories. I’m doggedly faithful to my silver Nixon watch (which reminds me of my daddy)  and Coach bucket bag (which reminds me of my mommy), both of which I’m wearing today and in the photo.

7.       Who would win in a Style Off between Rachel Bilson vs. Alexa Chung?

Alas. Neither would feature in any style off I curate.

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