Object Mythology Travel Stories: Uros – The Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca

During our recent trip to the city of Puno, we took a day trip to Uros Islands to learn more about the Uros tribe – which dates back to pre-Incan culture.  The Uros live on islands made of tortora reeds and rely on tourism and local resources to survive.  Speaking primarily Aymara, although a few speak spanish, the locals live a very simple life.  Each island has 5 houses and there are approximately 40 islands.

Food primarily comes from catching local shore birds, duck eggs and fish and is cooked over a a fire made over a layer of stones to prevent the reeds from catching fire. Local handicrafts include embroidery, handwork, spinning and weaving.

A description of the typical Uros family.  A house and boat made of reeds, kitchen made of clay or stone which sits on an island made of reeds.  The reeds constantly needs to be added because as you can see it rots and eventually becomes soil which moves down to the bottom.

A fish sculpture made of reeds.

The vibrant colors of the local dress are simply divine.  Here the locals sing a traditional song as we take off from the island.

A shot of a woman in a rowboat.

Checking some of the other islands out as we pull away.

That’s me with my two new friends!

Thanks for checking in and reading about our visit to Uros Islands.

We’ll have more this week!

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