Object Mythology Travel Stories: Visiting Taquile Island & Traditional Peruvian Textile

One of the main highlights from our recent to Peru was our visit to Taquile Island.  Located approximately 45 kms from Puno and only accessible by motorboat we were mesmerized by the local people and learned a lot about their culture and way of life.

We arrive by motorboat onto the island and trek a bit to the house of a local family.  Along the way, we learn about the vegetation, what types of food and plants the locals grow and the wild and domesticated animals that live on the island.  The locals live a very simple life on Taquile Island and thus, general lifespan is 85 years. The Taquilans are know for the detail, high quality handicraft work and some of the best Peruvian Textiles come from Taquile.  There is no electricity or cars so this is the ideal place to enjoy and quiet, relaxing day.

Crops are farmed on step terrain.  The views of the waters are amazing.

Domesticated and wild animals roam Taquile Island.

A photo of grandfather and grandson.  The grandfather wears a hat that is all red – that signifies that he is married.  The grandson wears a hat that is red and white – that signifies that he is single.  A couple that is considering getting married lives together for two years before they wed.  On Taquile island there is no such thing as divorce.

The local family performs a traditional dance.

The colors of their traditional clothing are beautiful.

After learning about the Taquilans’ way of life, we are presented with a lunch – the local way.  Here’s a traditional soup pot with ladle made from clay.

Traditional vegetable soup with quinoa.

Local trout from Lake Titicaca with vegetables, potatoes and rice.  It was delicious.

That’s me with my new friend from Taquile.

After lunch we head down to the main square to enjoy the rest of Taquile island.

Local flowers.

Mother and daughter.

Beautiful rooster perched on a tree.

Young girls weaving friendship bracelets.  Stay tuned, these will be available at Object Mythology soon!

We head back to the port.

We were sad to leave Taquile Island as we had such an enjoyable day.  I highly recommend that you visit Taquile if you are in Puno.  It’s well worth the trek.

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