Be Nice To Your Mother

This year, Mother’s Day is on May 13, so you have less than a month to order, wrap, unwrap, stare at, debate, rewrap, shop for a card, write a card, pack up, and mail your mom something nice. Something meaningful. Something that says, “Thanks for putting up with me during that ‘obnoxious phase’ I had from ages 12 to 23,” or “Thanks for not disowning me when I was 8 and lopped the heads off all your prized flowers with my plastic ninja sword.”

Don't these remind you of cherry blossoms and the way those petals fall like rain?

Personally, I think flowers are nice. Who doesn’t want flowers? But flowers don’t last (as we proved above), and your overachieving siblings are probably already going that route. So, this year, why not try something a little different? Something she can really show off to the canasta ladies at the clubhouse?

My top pick: vintage jewelry. Because, seriously, you just can’t go wrong sending a woman jewelry. Unless you have bad taste, in which case, you wouldn’t be shopping on Object Mythology, so you’re good there.

There's something very feminine about the shape of these. Beautiful.

So, here we go. My faves (in case my kids are reading this): The Rose Quartz Earrings picked up by the OM team on their recent trip to The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. These vintage handcrafted coral and pearl earrings are gorgeous and utterly unique, plus, they make me think of cherry blossoms and falling petals. Beautiful. Mom’s not a pink lady? Check out the Pearl and Cornelian Drop Earrings from the same hop across the pond.

There’s plenty of elegant jewelry on the Object Mythology site. What are you ordering for your mom?



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