Shopping Locally for Eclectic Elegance

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about upcycling and other Earth-friendly habits here on the Object Mythology blog. Partly this is because it’s just about Earth Day, and partly it’s because that’s just how we roll here at OM. We believe in recognizing the beauty in found objects and in appreciating the value of traditional craftsmanship.

Everyone write to Karen and tell her to send me this bracelet for my birthday. Go ahead. I'll wait.

That’s what the La Feria line is all about: Upcycled elegance for fashion and décor.

People (including yours truly) ask Karen all the time how it is that she finds so many incredible objects to bring back to market from her travels. Surely one person can’t just have all the luck, right? Well, according to Karen, there’s a little luck involved, but mostly, it’s about looking.

When you shop local thrift stores and flea markets looking for great pieces of vintage jewelry, Karen says it’s important to look at each thing by itself. That is, a bracelet may not stand out when it’s in a tray with twenty other pieces, but you would never wear it that way.

Try it on, examine the workmanship, and think about what it would go with that you already own. Finally, buy what you like, not just what you think is in style. Nothing is more attractive than confidence, and within reason, if a piece of jewelry makes you feel great, odds are, you’ll look great wearing it.

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