Steel Magnolias

There’s an artist we feature here on Object Mythology, Laura Vinas, whose unique photography often focuses on magnolias. The shapes and shadows she captures within those m

agnolia petals are distinctly gentle and intimate, yet also somehow evocative of the human form.

Browse through the site to see more of Vinas' remarkable magnolias.

Paisaje Inalcanzable: Unreachable Landscape

Vinas’ images remind me of the phrase, “steel magnolias,” and how women are often perceived as being simultaneously tough as steel yet delicate and malleable as magnolia petals. They are an exercise in contrast: dark and light, strength and vulnerability, yin and yang.

It's quite remarkable for a photographer to capture light the way she does. It reminds me of the way Monet played with color to create the illusion of light, whereas here, Vinas seems to use light to create the illusion of color where there truly is none.

She also has a remarkable eye for wide-frame panorama shots, as evidenced in Paisaje Inalcanzable (Unreachable Landscape), which, despite its bleached colors and stark imagery, is still distinctly peaceful, reminding the viewer that an unreachable point means there is always more to a journey. It's a bit of an artistic ampersand: there is no end, only “and.”

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